Sports Injuries:

Sport is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. It provides exercise, social contact, relaxation, competition and promotes good health. Unfortunately however sports related injuries can occur. With correct stretching and warm up techniques sometimes soft tissue injuries can be prevented. In cases where these injuries do occur physiotherapy, if indicated can help promote healing and accelerate the return to sport.

Back Pain:

Eight out of ten Irish People will suffer from back problems at some times in their lives. For six of those eight the pain will go away within a few weeks, but the remainder will suffer from chronic back pain throughout their lives. The most common place to get pain is the lower part of the back. Recent studies have found a direct link between chronic low back pain and weakness in the core stabilising muscles i.e. transversus and multifidus. This can be addressed by re-educating these core muscles and therefore improving postural control.

Neck Pain:

Pain arising from the neck is a common problem which can occur at any age. The pain may be caused by postural stress, degenerative changes or direct trauma such as whiplash injuries. The aim of physiotherapy is to improve range of motion in all directions of the cervical spine and to address muscle imbalance issues.

In the Work place:

Physiotherapists have additional expertise in human movement at work, its effect on the musculoskeletal system and disorders attributed to the physical working environment. Along with clinical practice and the treatment of work related injuries, Chartered Physiotherapists can provide education and training, manual and patient handling instruction, ergonomic considerations, health promotion and general fitness, health and safety, risk assessment, work hardening, functional capacity evaluation and pre-employment screening.


Conditions commonly treated with acupuncture:

  •        Musculoskeletal Pain
  •        Arthritis /Joint Problems
  •        Fatigue / M.E.
  •        Stress / Anxiety
  •        Headaches