Post natal Reconditioning:

Most women will strive to get their body back to pre pregnancy status or even better within a few months after birth. This can often be more of a challenge than what we think.  Pregnancy and Childbirth is one of the biggest events that our bodies experience. The physical effects of 9 months of pregnancy and delivery should not be forgotten by women.

Whether your baby has been born by vaginal delivery or by caesarean section reconditioning of the body in the post natal period should be a must. During the nine months of pregnancy the abdominal muscles become stretched and weakened from the expanding uterus. Sometimes the rectus abdominus muscle will become gapped and the core stabiliser muscles lost their power. During Caesarean section the abdominal muscles are weakened as a result of surgery. Our abdominal muscles are very important in maintaining correct posture and controlling movements of our lower back. If we do not work at regaining strength in the abdominal muscles, not only do women have to contend with unsightly overhang and poor tone but also expose themselves to greater risk of postural problems and low back pain.

By engaging in a post natal reconditioning program women can get their bodies back and feel confident in their appearance and function. If the correct deep stabilising muscles are not re-strengthened in the post natal stage then our dreams of that flat stomach becomes very difficult to achieve.

Physio4Women offers a tailor made post natal reconditioning program incorporating:

  • Weight loss advice.
  • Post natal Pilates.
  • Postural Correction.
  • Pelvic Floor rehabilitation.
  • Treatment of muscular aches